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Caring Committee

The Caring Committee provides assistance and care to members of the Congregation in need. Those in need include congregants who are ill or in the hospital, have recently had a baby, or had a recent death in the family. The Caring Committee is always looking for volunteers to assist with meals, visits, and transportation. Caring Committee Group Visits are held on the third Sunday of every month. Committee members meet at Temple Israel at 1:00 PM. For more information, please contact Claudia Blackburn or David Pepper.

Chevra Kadisha

A chevra kadisha or "holy society" is an organization of Jewish men and women who see to it that the bodies of deceased Jews are prepared for burial according to Jewish tradition. Tahara or purification is the traditional preparation of the body for burial. Tahara consists of washing the body, purifying it with water, dressing the body and placing it in the casket or aron - all accompanied by prayers and intentions. It is a very ancient custom, though one that many Reform Jews may not know about. A woman who has died is given Tahara by a group of women; a man who has died is given Tahara by a group of men. For more information, please contact Judith Lyons or Brian Pelc.

Fundraising Committee

The purpose of the Fundraising Committee is to raise funds needed for Board-identified projects and efforts. The Committee helps plan specific fundraising events and activities. For more information, please contact Lorne Reinstein. 

Sustainable Torah Gardens Committee

Temple Israel has a Community Garden tended by members of the Congregation, which serves educational, meditative and altruistic purposes. Patricia Novey has assumed management of the Community Garden and is looking for volunteers to help see it through to fruition. For more information, please contact Patricia Novey.

Israel Committee

The Israel Committee organizes several activities including an annual Israel Independence Day party, and fundraising efforts to help needy children in Israel. Temple Israel even has its own Sister City in Israel - Ramat Hasharon, which lies north of Tel Aviv. The Committee encourages participation of the entire Jewish community of Tallahassee, as well as others interested in this work. For more information, please contact Dave Markell.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is the arm of Temple Israel that welcomes new members, helps new members become connected and involved with what interests them in Temple life, and assists new members in becoming integrated into our Temple Family. New and existing members are encouraged to join the Membership Committee. To get involved, please contact Buddy Herrell or Akol Mirowitz.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee coordinates with the Rabbi to address a host of issues associated with services at Temple Israel including assisting in preparation for High Holy Day services, making recommendations about the Siddurim (prayer books), helping to coordinate alternative services, and working with the Rabbi to come up with ways to improve current service attendance. For more information, please contact Beth Schwartz.

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