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Fall 2023 Life Long Learning Registration

Come learn with us! Each class and the description is listed below.

Please choose the number of attendees under each class you wish to sign up for. 

You will submit payment at the end of the form.

INTRODUCTION TO JUDAISM, MONDAYS, 7:00-8:30 P.M.  $275 Dollars. 



7:00-7:30 Beginners Hebrew Reading

7:30-8:30 Judaic Studies (see below):


This course provides a detailed introductory overview of many important Jewish topics, including Hebrew reading, Shabbat and Holy Days, Reform Judaism, Torah, Bible and major Jewish Source Texts, Calendar, Prayer, Liturgy, History, Life Cycle and the Jewish home. No background needed. This is a requirement for anyone seeking to become a Jew-by-Choice, but is also suitable for anyone, Jewish or not, who wants a general overview of Jewish life.


10/23 Shabbat

10/30 Reform Judaism

11/6 Torah Roll (the Torah scroll)

11/13 Torah (theories of authorship/contents)

11/27 Jewish Calendar/Jewish Holy Days Part 1

12/4 Jewish Holy Days Part 2

12/11 Jewish Source Texts (Bible, Talmud, Midrash, Commentaries, Responsa)

12/8 Aspects of Jewish Prayer

1/22 Jewish Liturgy

1/29 Jewish History Part 1 (Biblical through pre-modern times)

2/5 Jewish History Part 2 (modern history, Holocaust, Israel)

2/12 Jewish Life Cycle Part 1 (Pre-birth through B’nai Mitzvah/Confirmation)

2/19 Jewish Life Cycle Part 2 (Conversion, Marriage, Divorce, Death/Mourning)

3/4 The Jewish Home (Kashrut, Mezuzah, other objects, tzedakah, values, etc.)


Choreography of Prayer

When do I stand, bow, sit or bend at the knee?

Every aspect of movement during services will be covered in this course with Morah Stefanie.

November 30 at 7 PM. $18


Hebrew Boot Camp 
In this boot camp style training, participants will learn to read Hebrew in a quick and rigorous environment. By the end of this 3 session course, be prepared to pick up the Siddur and pray!
January, 4, 11 and 18 from 7 PM-8:30 PM. $54

Fri, September 22 2023 7 Tishrei 5784