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High Holy Day Appeal 5784/2023

Temple Israel is a center for the Jewish community of Tallahassee and the surrounding areas. Our strength is in our people. Like the majestic live oaks of Tallahassee, we are strong, and our roots are deep. Every single soul has a place in our beautiful forest.

Under the new leadership of Rabbi Paul Sidlofsky, Temple continues to play a vital role in the spiritual, educational, and social lives of our people. Your generosity last year helped make sure that Temple Israel could remain focused on supporting our members. We have affirmed the value that every person who seeks to be part of a loving Jewish community can find that home here at Temple Israel. 

With gratitude for the myriad of ways that you have given to this community, we ask again, if you are financially able, to answer this High Holy Day Appeal. This will allow us to build upon our accomplishments.

If you would like to help underwrite specific costs of these High Holy Days you can indicate that below. In addition, it would be appreciated if you would consider making a larger investment in the High Holy Day Campaign in the form of a monthly pledge over the next ten months while also considering a generous donation to the ‘Debt Free by ’23’ Campaign.

Wishing you a good and sweet New Year,

Bruce Wiener, President

For the Good and Welfare of Temple Israel, I pledge the following amount:
Fri, December 1 2023 18 Kislev 5784